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On this page you can find three cross-referenced tutorials on typing, a tutorial on using the mouse comfortably, some clips from a concert that took place at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Lakewood, Colorado on February 8, 2009, and a video of an 8-hand piece we played at a party!

Typing videos. Why does an organization devoted to the best piano piano playing have instructional videos on typing? You might be surprised by one reason: the best alignment, balance, and movements for typing are the same as for playing the piano! They are both keyboards, after all. Obviously, the piano is more complex because of its width and the number of keys we might depress at any one time, as well as the variety of sounds we want to create. But the nature of today's communication means that almost all pianists also have to type. Learning to type well can eliminate any discomfort that comes from typing, and also give pianists a way to practice important alignment, balance, and movements in this other activity.

Of course, we hope these videos will also help people who don't play the piano! Please let us know what you think by contacting The Well-Balanced Pianist.

Tips on sitting well and identifying the best alignment for typing -- the same starting place for playing the piano, or anything else you do during the day -- from Well-Balanced Pianist Director Teresa Dybvig. Typing Comfortably, Parts 2 and 3 continue with more information about using the keyboard to our advantage, and moving well.

Tips on interfacing well with the computer keyboard (quite like the best interface with the piano) from Well-Balanced Pianist Director Teresa Dybvig. Typing Comfortably, Parts 1 and 3 contain basic information about sitting well, natural alignment, and movement.

Tips on the best hand and forearm movements for typing (and playing the piano!) from Well-Balanced Pianist Director Teresa Dybvig. Information in this video is built on information from Typing Comfortably, Parts 1 and 2.

Tips on using the mouse comfortably from Well-Balanced Pianist Director Teresa Dybvig

The Well-Balanced Pianist Director Teresa Dybvig (basso) and Piano Instructor Susan Nowicki (primo) opened the February 8, 2009 concert in Lakewood, CO with Johannes Brahms' Hungarian Dance no. 8 in a minor.

For encore in Lakewood in 2009 we played Sergei Rachmaninoff's "Italian Polka." (Yes, between the composer and the title, the piece covers three countries!)

Still in Colorado in February 2009, Director Teresa Dybvig played Debussy's "Clair de lune."

In the February 2009 Lakewood, CO concert, Piano Instructor Susan Nowicki gave a charming and informative spoken introduction to her Haydn Sonata.

And here is Susan playing the first movement of Haydn Sonata in C Major, Hob. XVI:50, after introducing it (above) in Lakewood.

Finally, closing night fun at The Well-Balanced Pianist Colorado 2009 with Albert Lavignac's masterpiece, "Galop-Marche," for eight hands at one piano. From Primo to Basso, performers are Piano Instructor Susan Nowicki, Gulchin Tarabus, John Wickelgren, and Director and Piano Instructor Teresa Dybvig.



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