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The Well-Balanced Pianist 2015

This year we had two shorter learning festivals, each over a long weekend. Participants from 7 states joined us in New York and Pennsylvania. This page includes summaries, pictures, and evaluation clips from those fantastic weekends.

At The Well-Balanced Pianist New York 2015 we focused on technique. In Pennsylvania, we focused on teaching ourselves and others. In addition to lots of piano lessons(of course!), we had performance classes, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, coaching classes, and rhythm training through Dalcroze. We also had clinics designed to help participants play more musically and efficiently, and discussions about practice and performance mindset.

The following pictures show some of our activities from our 2015 Well-Balanced Pianist programs. To the left you can see some comments from participants.

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From the participants' anonymous evaluations of The Well-Balanced Pianist 2015 programs

"I enjoyed the positive spirit of the clinicians and participants immensely."

"It was an excellent opportunity to take and observe lessons, and be immersed in the piano for a weekend."

"Susan [Nowicki] is wonderful, concise and pragmatic."

"Lessons with Terry [Dybvig]were very informative."

"Bodywork with Sharon [Oliensis] was alone worth the tuition and travel, and there was SO MUCH MORE!"

"I'm taking the Alexander work with Ariel [Weiss] to heart."

"The clinics were fantastic. Great details prepared thoroughly and clearly. The DIY fingering before WBP wa a great way to start thinking aobut it. Looking for my own solutions helped me appreciate yours."

"The teaching demonstration was outstanding."

"Loved seeing the mindset component incoroporated in the teaching demonstration."

"Walk in the woods was lovely, and a good way to re-energize."

"Everything was so well thought out. The schedule was well balanced. -:)"

"Instructors are all of the highest quality."

"I felt comfortable and well taken care of."

Visit this page to read more commentary of all types -- signed, unsigned, and even poetic!

The well-balanced hands of well-balanced pianists!

Teresa Dybvig's beautiful studio is ready for the well-balanced pianists!

Piano Instructor Susan Nowicki and Alexander teacher Ariel Weiss eager to begin another successful program

Director and Piano Instructor Teresa Dybvig helps a younger student with her trills

Ariel helps bring the neck and spine into full length

Feldenkrais instructor Sharon Oleinsis helps a pianist find a healthy sitting position and proper body alignment at the bench

Dalcroze instructor Dorothea Cook uses movement to enhance our sense of rhythm and flowing musicality

Teacher and student experience an ah-ha moment!

Ariel draws attention to the expanse of the shoulders, essential for free playing

Attention to detail: Susan Nowicki makes sure participants are properly seated at the instrument

Feldenkrais instructor Sharon Oliensis guides participants in a sitting lesson to deepen their sense of body awareness

Participants actively engage with faculty, heightening the learning experience

Susan Nowicki helps a participant execute a lovely hand-forearm drop

Teresa Dybvig guides a student toward effortless thumb playing

Thumbs up! Participants learn how to play their thumb with ease and precision in a clinic led by Teresa Dybvig

Ariel Weiss enuthusiastically explains the wealth of physical ease that the Alexander approach can unearth

Teresa Dybvig helps a student feel alignment from the shoulder down to the hands

Susan helps a young student improve her piece

A variety of wonderful resources to explore during down time

Instructor Teresa Dybvig captivates participants in one of the many skill-specific clinics

Participants enjoy freshly prepared meals before each lunchtime discussion

Pianists thoughtfully engaged in mindset discussion in New York, led by instructor Teresa Dybvig

Jotting down the wealth of new knowledge

Participants enjoy a free moment together between clinics

This group from our Pennsylvania program enjoys a refreshing walk.

Participants keep their mind and bodies active, enjoying time together during a brisk midafternoon walk in the Long Island woods

A healthy and hearty morning spread awaits the Pennsylvania participants

This participant liked the bridge in the park in Pennsylvania

This duet excited a lot of curiosity!

The Pennsylvanian Well Balanced Pianists enjoy a fine meal out, and reflect upon their great weekend together

Duet fun! Participants collaborate and share their talents and growth in a supportive and fun environment

This duet demanded quite the choreography!