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The Well-Balanced Pianist 2014

This year we were back in Colorado for our biggest learning festival. The 2014 Colorado program was better than ever! Participants from Europe and 11 states in the US joined us from July 23 - 29. This page includes summaries, pictures, and evaluation clips from that fantastic week.

We're going to continue meeting in Colorado every other year! So we'll be back in Colorado in July 2016!

At The Well-Balanced Pianist Colorado 2014 we focused on learning. We had a special memory project, and a performance class in which everyone practiced starting strong. We also had piano lessons (of course!), clinics designed to help participants play more musically and efficiently, classes and private sessions in fitness for pianists, Aston-Patterning and Qigong, and discussions about practice and performance mindset. Before the Main Program started, we had a day of luxuriously long private bodywork and piano lessons for a small group of pianists.

The following pictures show some of our activities at The Well-Balanced Pianist 2014. To the left you can see some comments from participants.

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From the participants' anonymous evaluations of The Well-Balanced Pianist 2014

"The program far exceeded my expectations! I was glad to find the quality of musicianship presented here as well as the very loving, caring, and honest instruction in the way of movement, mindset, and all aspects of piano playing."

"I really enjoyed the intensity and attitude of the program. I wasn't expecting to enjoy the program so much or for it to affect my life, and attitude on life, so profoundly."

"I make more progress toward playing well in this one week than I do in six months at home."

"I enjoyed the mastery with which Terry [Teresa Dybvig] taught."

"Susan is a joy in lessons."

"Judy Rocks!" [Aston-Patterning Practitioner Judy Huston, that is]

"My session with Joe [bodywork expert Joe Stoller] was life-altering."

"I've never had so much fun and understanding in a piano lesson before!! And the format was really helpful. I enjoyed the reinforcement of the techniques seen in the other group members' lessons."

"The opening talk [Learning, by Teresa Dybvig] was outstanding! Fantastic! Set the stage for the week beautifully."

"Bodywork was excellent - good to have a one-on-one session built into the schedule."

"The opening talk was excellent - very informative and practical."

"I learned a lot from working with my partners. We share universal issues."

"Every area of my life is better from just this one week, and seems more interconnected. I feel a lot more comfortable with myself. This program really helped me be okay with the fact that I don't know everything, and that's okay! I think I'll have a lot less of an imposter complex in grad school as a result of this program and all the discussions with instructors and other participants."

"I improved in all areas -- MINDSET, memorization, scales, dynamics, being a good person."

"Mealtime mindset discussions were a good break from routine practice - gets one thinking about overarching music/performance issues."

"Wow, I experienced growth in many areas this week. I especially appreciated the integration of the "well-balanced" conept to hands, body, mindset, relationships, etc."

"The memory project really surprised me. I could learn a lot of music (and really learn it) in a short amount of time. This also encouraged me to accept where I am in my journey to knowledge in all areas."

"The 'strong start' performance class was well done - a good experience, and made fun!!"

The "strong start" performance script was a technique I had never used before! Apart from using it in a performance setting, I think it will be extremely useful in speaking experiences where I don't feel at ease."

"The memory project made me use different 'muscles'."

"I learned so much from watching my partners' lessons."

"Only the performance script made it possible for me to play as well as I did on the works-in-progress recital."

"The memory project was fun and very informative."

"I particularly enjoyed the performance practice clinic."

"The memory project was interesting and fascinating. I enjoyed it even though it was a bit frustrating!"

"Bodywork gave me helpful tips for general health."

"The Scales clinic was great. Helpful. Great to break it into two sessions."

"I very much like the attention to one aspect of technique we get in the clinics."

"The 100% participation is an important aspect of all the clinics."

"Mindset discussions were very interesting and helpful."

"Mindset discussions were very rich."

"Lessons were EXCELLENT!"

"The Basic Movements clinic was helpful in learning this approach to the piano."

Visit this page to read more commentary of all types -- signed, unsigned, and even poetic!

CCU Music Center prepares for the arrival of eager participants

Warmly welcoming the well-balanced pianists at check-in

Director and Piano Instructor Teresa Dybvig prepares to give her opening night talk on "Learning"
Bodywork expert Joe Stoller sets up his practice

Instructors Judy Huston and Susan Nowicki excited for another successful program

Well Balanced Pianists entertain a happy, receptive audience with their multifaceted musical talents at the reception on opening day!

Duet fun at the reception!

Susan demonstrates during a group lesson

Pre-lesson smile

Well-balanced meals for the well-balanced pianists!

Enjoying the learning process

A moment of deep concentration

Reinforcing lesson material with an extra set of eyes; participants play an active role in each other's learning process

This partner likes what she's hearing!

Participants enjoying the extra support given by a practice partner

Focused practice

Mental Memory Challenge!! Well Balanced Pianist learns and memorizes a piece away from the instrument!

Participants encourage fellow performers with waves and cheers

Terry demonstrates expressive abilities of the instrument and explains gradations of pedaling and its corresponding stylistic effect

Thorough instruction and intense concentration during a clinic on scales

Fun amidst focused learning

The group is riveted and intrigued by the concept of the "Power Pose"

Participants enjoy the mental and physical benefits of Qigong in a class led by Joe Stoller

Practicing empowering physical poses to boost self-confidence

A power pose before the works-in-progress recital!

Instructor Judy Huston explains and demonstrates healthy exercises for musicians

Experiencing whole-body weight-lifting in Judy's fitness clinic

Judy leads participants in 15-minute movement sessions to invigorate mind and body

Participants fuel up on a healthy lunch to prepare for upcoming mindset discussion!

A helpful participant reads a mindset discussion text on reframing negative thoughts

Piano Instructor Susan Nowicki, guiding a mindset discussion about how "overlearning" is necessary for optimal performance

Diligently absorbing material in preparation for another mindset discussion

Teresa Dybvig starts a mindset discussion on using a performance script

Well balanced pianists staying at CCU apartments enjoy the morning before the start of another day

One pleasant view from a campus housing balcony

Pianists browse through duets to share at the party on the final night

Participants chatting at the party!

Susan and Terry having a duet blast at the party!

Happy faculty enjoys the final night of our successful and fun program