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The Well-Balanced Pianist 2013

This year we had two shorter learning festivals, each over a long weekend. Participants from 7 states joined us in New York and Pennsylvania. This page includes summaries, pictures, and evaluation clips from those fantastic weekends.

At The Well-Balanced Pianist New York 2013 we focused on teaching ourselves and others. In Pennsylvania, we focused on performing. In addition to lots of piano lessons(of course!), we had performance classes, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, coaching classes, and rhythm training through O Passo. We also had clinics designed to help participants play more musically and efficiently, and discussions about practice and performance mindset.

The following pictures show some of our activities from our 2013 Well-Balanced Pianist programs. To the left you can see some comments from participants.

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From the participants' anonymous evaluations of The Well-Balanced Pianist 2013 programs

"The program exceeded my expectations. The knowledge is applicable and life-changing."

"The program met my expectations - scale coordination was key - but better than expected was the group spirit, the welcoming attitude, the new friendships, the perfectly delightful people of all ages (18-60+)!"

"I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from a short program, but was surprised by how productive I felt."

"The program helped me gain perspective on the way my whole body and mindset converge to determine how I play."

"Information in this program helps give me a healthy mindset, relationship with the piano, and the tools needed for an optimal existence."

"The weekend gave me excellent exposure to som nw ideas, specific techniques, and interesting people."

"I expect to continue learning new things about playing and teaching the piano when I come to WBP - but I am leaving with more than I expected!"

"Private lessons were wonderful! Always an extremely important component."

"Lessons were great as always, and it was great to sit in on other lessons."

"Lessons were amazing, gave me precise info as always."

"Lessons were a good length for focusing on an issue or two; also it was immensely helpful to observe other lessons."

"I'm glad we discuss mindset together - the perspctive is very valuable."

"Sharon [Feldenkrais] is absolutely fantastic! I LOVED having a private session with Sharon scheduled in the weekend."

"Alexander class and lessons [Ariel Weiss] were AMAZING!"

"Feldenkrais classes and private sessions were FANTASTIC (Sharon is one in a million!)"

"Alexander class and lessons were incredible. In my short lesson I became more aware of my body and am interested in doing more."

"My private Feldenkrais sessison with Sharon was heavenly! really helped me identify things to uninhibit movement and playing."

"Ariel is amazing! I love 'the Unified Field of Attention!'"

""Scale clinic was very informative and gave me tools to really hone in on technical details."

""O Passo [Tom Mullaney] was such an interesting and intuitive approach to learning rhythm. I want to learn more!"

"It was so refreshing to hear the experineces of other pianists that were similar to mine. Having come from a college program where I didn't really feel like I learned how to play better, I finally feel like I'm learning the tools needed to approach music in a pianist and musical way."

"I love the walks. It's a great time to connect with others in an informal way. It feels important to move around and re-energize as well."

Visit this page to read more commentary of all types -- signed, unsigned, and even poetic!

We had lots of interactive work and fun at the piano!

Director and Piano Instructor Teresa Dybvig teaching a clinic on interdependence

Piano Instructor Susan Nowicki giving a clinic on introducing Taubman concepts to beginning students

Alexander Instructor Ariel Weiss (front) helping us develop a wider range of awareness through the "Unified Field of Attention"

Tom Mullaney taught us classes in O Passo to help us feel rhythm in our bodies

Feldenkrais instructor Sharon Oliensis warmed us up every morning in NY

Susan coaching a student in the performance class

Teresa coaching a student in the group class

A student getting attention from both piano instructors at once!

We got to play claves in Tom's class

Work on in and out

a student is having a lesson with Teresa Dybvig

Stepping in Tom's O Passo class

Demonstrating easy finger movement

Sharon Oliensis helping a student sit well at the piano

And then some help developing awareness of the back of the head from Ariel Weiss

A lesson with Susan Nowicki

Thumb attention

More thumb attention

OK, this IS a lot of thumb attention ...but do you know a pianist who couldn't use a little attention on thumbs??

We had mindset discussions after lunch.

Leaps to 5 got some concentrated attention!

We had fun duets!

More duets!

We served everyone soup and salad one night at each program.

More duets!

Someone's socks matched the rug!

Did we mention duets?

Susan explaining why some big statues are plunked down in her neighborhood

On a nice walk

Duets, anyone?

They sing! They play the piano!

Some lovely Ravel

The instructors join in