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The Well-Balanced Pianist 2012

This year we were back in Colorado for our biggest learning festival, refreshed after a year with only one smaller program in PA. The 2012 Colorado program was better than ever! Participants from 11 states joined us from July 17 - 24. This page includes summaries, pictures, and evaluation clips from that fantastic week.

We're going to continue meeting in Colorado every other year! So we'll be back in Colorado in July 2014!

At The Well-Balanced Pianist Colorado 2012 we focused on performing. We had a special performance class, and a class on anatomy for pianists. We also had piano lessons (of course!), clinics designed to help participants play more musically and efficiently, classes and private sessions in Aston-Patterning nd the Feldenkrais Method, and discussions about practice and performance mindset. Before the Main Program started, we had a day of luxuriously long private bodywork and piano lessons for a small group of pianists.

The following pictures show some of our activities at The Well-Balanced Pianist 2012. To the left you can see some comments from participants.

To complete the picture, you'll want to check out the poems and song lyrics participants wrote (and co-created) to celebrate their process!

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From the participants' anonymous evaluations of The Well-Balanced Pianist 2012

"I can't imagine a better piano festival/camp/clinic/seminar."

"I greatly exceeded my goal this week, which was to improve and play better. And the program exceeded my expectations - which is amazing, considering my expectations were high!"

"The teaching and learning here are on an incredibly high level. The kindness of everybody was spectacular. I honestly feel like a better person. The mindset discussions and interctions with others really made me better, and helped me conquer inner insecurities."

"Terry and Susan are the best instructors I have had in years."

"The opening talk [on performing, by Teresa Dybvig] was very inspirational."

"The opening talk was so valuable - great to rethink why we perform."

"The partner group was one of my most favorite parts! Feedback and suppport are invaluable."

"I met great people, opened my mind, and improved my playing hands."

"I learned acceptance of mistakes - not letting misakes affect the balance of my piece, my attitude, or my enjoyment of my playing/performance."

"I loved the mealtime mindset discussions. The readings and discussions about goals reminded me to work through practice mindfully."

"Clinics were presented with extreme clarity."

"Lessons were AWESOME."

"Aston-Patterning work [Judy Huston] was very valuable - actually revealed a small anatomical problem which I can correct."

"Aston training was fantastic. Judy emits an incredible positive energy."

"I loved the performance class! I always love the new modalities you present."

"The open forum group class was great - interesting to get some time with the other teaching - new approaches and analogies."

"I am learning acceptance. *Start where you are.*"

"I have a better, more empowered mindset: I CAN DO IT!"

"Aston-Patterning [with Judy Huston] was new and fascinating for me."

"I love this supportive group.."

Visit this page to read more commentary of all types -- signed, unsigned, and even poetic!

A special welcome from Colorado Christian University Music Department!

Director and Piano Instructor Teresa Dybvig gave an opening talk about the gifts performers give listeners

After the opening talk, we practiced performing by rehearsing and performing excerpts of The Wizard of Oz!

Piano Instructor Susan Nowicki coached young pianists in performance

Teresa Dybvig taught a clinic on interpreting musical cues from pulse, meter, and rhythm -- here we are learning conducting patterns to help feel different meters

Another way to feel the meter is to make different movements (tap the knees, snap the fingers) on different beats in the meter.

Susan teaching a lesson in a partner group

Teresa teaching a lesson in a partner group

Some lesson partners feeling victorious

Short movement classes with Aston-Patterning Instructor Judy Huston (right) loosened us up in many ways!

Judy told us what pianists need to know about anatomy

Feldenkrais Method Instructor Bob Schlesinger introduced some basic movement concepts to us before starting a class

Participants share their thoughts during a mindset discussion

A participant describing his performance class assignment and how it worked out for him

Another participant describing her performance class assignment and how it worked out for her

Susan helped a student look ahead during the performance class

A lesson with Teresa Dybvig

Looks like these roomies bonded!

These intrepid people braved the heat to enjoy some time in the hills

Bet these two are playing some blues!

Getting some help with oom-pahs

A little attention on the thumb

Learning optimal movement

Friends made at The Well-Balanced Pianist were reunited

"Talk about bodywork!" quipped the student who took this picture! (Mike has a question for you about this picture)

The faculty was tired but happy as everyone assembled for the final Works-in-Progress recital

These two performed a vocal duet for us at the last night's party

Susan and a participant doing a rep consult at the party

A participant declaiming his Very Serious poem at the party

Here participants are performing a beautiful ode to a special muscle group, the lumbricals

We had some nice guests

Nice duets at the party

And more nice duets!

Yet more nice duets!

It wouldn't be a party without some good blues

Some people contributed percussion to the performances at the party!