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The Well-Balanced Pianist 2011

This year we did an experiment to see how it would feel to take a break from our biggest summer program, and so we had one Well-Balanced Pianist program. Participants from 8 states joined us over Columbus Day weekend in Pennsylvania. This page includes summaries and pictures from that fantastic weekend.

And yes, we enjoyed our break, but we also missed being together! So we were back in Colorado in July!

At The Well-Balanced Pianist Pennsylvania 2011 we focused on interprtation. We had a repertoire interpretation class, a class on expressive devices in different styles, and a very special class on O Passo, a Brazilian method to help people feel complex rhythms. We also had piano lessons (of course!), clinics designed to help participants play more efficiently, classes and private sessions in Alexander Technique, and discussions about the difference between practice and performance mindset.

The following pictures show some of our activities at The Well-Balanced Pianist 2011. To the left you can see some comments from participants.

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From the participants' anonymous evaluations of The Well-Balanced Pianist 2011

"This was the most friendly, stress-free workshop I've ever attended."

"I love how many areas are addressed in just a weekend! Technically, my playing is changed. I have a better understanding of the expressive tools at my disposal. I have a list of books to go home and explore. I have new ideas for exploring new movement in my body. I have a stronger connection to other pianists and wonderful human beings."

"My lessons with Terry [Director and Piano Instructor] were over-too-soon."

"Susan [Piano Instructor] has an amazing way of tapping into the mind's learning capacity."

"Ariel is a real gem! Some of my back pain was relieved."

"The O Passo class was lots of fun and intriguing."

"Mealtime discussions were interesting and insightful."

"I like that the clinics involve movement and lots opportunities to 'do it yourself'."

"The 'expressive elements' clinic was great."

"Watching other people's problems and corrections helped me clarify my knowledge."

"The program exceeded my expectations. It was a very nurturing and cooperative environment. Both the teachers and students were great to work with."

"Ariel is wonderful [our Alexander Technique instructor]."

"Wow! I could have spent a week on O Passo . It was such an uplifting experience to really feel the rhythm in my body as opposed to just analyzing it on paper."

"In addition to working on some of my technical issues, I feel that my musical perspectives have expanded and deepened. My interest in rhythm and articulation has deepened."

"So great to be able to observe lessons! I feel that we accomplished a lot in the short lesson times."

"I enjoyed the mealtime discussions, and felt that Terry, Susan, and Ariel's comments widened the perception of the experience considerably."

"The other attendees were so willing to share/help/teach each other -- that was very helpful."

"The cross section of people attending was great! Different ages and walks of life, backgrounds, etc.."

"You have me hooked!!"

Visit this page to read more commentary of all types -- signed, unsigned, and even poetic!

Director and Piano Instructor Teresa Dybvig (right) and Piano Instructor Susan Nowicki with a student

Alexander Technique Instructor Ariel Weiss helping a student stand well

Instructor Thomas Mullaney (right) coaching us in using O Passo to play complex rhythms

Susan Nowicki enjoying Tom's O Passo class

We had a guest artist in to sing for our interpretation class

They found something funny!

Ariel Weiss sacrificing her neck so we could see her demonstration of inefficient movement (thank you, Ariel!)

Ariel made this participant happy!

And this one too

This participant enjoyed examining the model skeleton Ariel brought for us

Susan demonstrated Baroque performance practice at the harpsichord

On the last day we took a break from learning, and played duets. Here are instructors Teresa Dybvig and Susan Nowicki playing duets

Teresa and a student playing a duet

These two played Scheherazade for us. It was fantastic!

Everyone enjoyed this duet with Susan and a student!