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The Well-Balanced Pianist 2010

Students from 2 countries and 11 states attended The Well-Balanced Pianist 2010 programs in Colorado and Pennsylvania! This page includes summaries and pictures of these three fun and rich events.

The Well-Balanced Pianist presented two intensive programs in the summer and autumn of 2010 to improve practice, performance, and teaching skills, through integrated focus on piano technique, musicianship, bodywork/movement, positive mindset, and learning styles, in a supportive, interactive environment.

The following pictures show some of our activities at The Well-Balanced Pianist 2010. To the left you can see some comments from participants.

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From the participants' anonymous evaluations of The Well-Balanced Pianist 2010

"It was very moving to see our peers succeed in tackling a challenging issue."

"The instructors are energetic, knowledgeable, and inspiring. I left not only feeling like a better pianist, but also a better person."

"I find that Terry and Susan are always able to address my questions in addition to inspiring completely new paths for growth."

"The program met and exceeded my expectations! I feel like a more capable musician, more in charge of my learning and progress."

"The program made me see practicing as an opportunity to explore and be adventurous, and not as a time to make things "perfect." I am once again comfortable and confident at the piano and am not worried about hurting myself."

"I walked away from each private lesson with at least a few pieces of knowledge that immediately helped my playing, and a bout a dozen other ideas/observations to explore in future practicing."

"Terry always has lots of helpful feedback and presents it constructively. She spends time making sure that things make sense and that it feels good."

"Partner practice was invaluable at the beginning, and as I became more comfortable applying concepts from my lessons I felt able to make progress on my own too."

"The collaborative learning is what makes this program so successful. We grow together with our fellow pianists, and this extra support makes it possible to continue doing Taubman work with confidence."

"All of the clinics I attended were great. The length allowed for a lot of info without overloading. Information was presented very clearly and questions were addressed thoroughly."

"It was nice to get time for hands-on instruction on the material in the clinics."

"The opening talking and exercises were a great way to kick off the week and cultivate a friendly, opening, and trusting environment in which to learn."

"I liked the focus on practice in the opening talk and exercises."

"The evening performance class was helpful, with a wide variety of styles and levels. I particularly liked discussion of performance strategies. "

"Terry's suggestions to only think about a few simple process cues while performing really helped in my performance on the final night."

"Aston-Patterning [Judy Huston] gave me helpful tools for moving in a more coordinated manner."

"I felt much more grounded after both Feldenkrais [Gil Kelly] group lessons."

Ariel [Alexander Technique] is great at highlighting one topic and bringing it to life in a short time.

"Mealtime discussions were thought-provoking and rewarding."

"Mealtime discussions established a sense of community daily and brought up struggles many of us have in common."

"The Sunday morning walk was great! It was wonderful to see a bit of the area and very peaceful to be outdoors."

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You are amazingly talented people!

Visit this page to read more commentary of all types -- signed, unsigned, and even poetic!

Director and Piano Instructor Teresa Dybvig teaching a lesson in Pennsylvania

Piano Instructor Susan Nowicki working with a participant's student during a teaching demonstration in Colorado

Alexander Technique instructor Ariel Weiss adjusting a student's posture in Pennsylvania

Feldenkrais Instructor Gil Kelly (center) teaching us about walking in Colorado

Experiencing greater flexibility under the guidance of Aston-Patterning practitioner Judy Huston (right) in Colorado

Guest expert Jan Krzywicki demonstrating a square piano built in 1778 by Johannes Pohlman in Pennsylvania

Experimenting during the thumb clinic in Pennsylvania

Susan and a student share an amusing moment during a lesson in Pennsylvania

A clinic on how to use the thumb in Colorado

Teresa Dybvig working with a student's posture in Colorado

Susan guiding a student's hand in Pennsylvania

Acting out the demons of Chopin Bb minor Sonata in the Colorado interpretation class

Experimenting with practicing by learning a body percussion piece in partner groups on opening night in Colorado

A student discussing his performance class assignment with Teresa Dybvig

Judy enjoying some time on the deck during our day in the Colorado foothills

Learning to spot technical and musical challenges in the score in Colorado

Mealtime in Colorado

A walk in the Colorado foothills

Participants performing "Prep in Place" at the closing night party in Colorado

One of the many duets we played at our closing night party in Colorado

Performing "I feel open" at the closing night party in Colorado

Susan Nowicki and Teresa Dybvig playing duets at the party in Colorado