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The Well-Balanced Pianist 2009

Students from 3 countries and 9 states attended The Well-Balanced Pianist 2009 programs in Colorado and Pennsylvania! This page includes summaries and pictures of these fun and rich events.

The Well-Balanced Pianist presented two intensive programs in the summer and autumn of 2009 to improve practice, performance, and teaching skills, through integrated focus on piano technique, musicianship, bodywork/movement, positive mindset, and learning styles, in a supportive, interactive environment.

The following pictures show some of our activities at The Well-Balanced Pianist 2009. To the left you can see some comments from participants.

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From the participants' anonymous evaluations of The Well-Balanced Pianist 2009

"ALL of the faculty are so warm and generous with their knowledge, expertise,and encouragement... they make this institute the unique and necessary thing it is."

"The mind/body connection as regards piano has made me larn a lot. And I expect to see continued growth as a result of this experience."

"Ariel is a very knowledgeable Alexander teacher and I really enjoyed our group class this year... It was great to have individual work with her after the group introduction."

"Memory is one of my biggest fears, but seeing others play and test new methods in the memory class helped me realize how I can change."

"The mealtime discussions were a good morale booster."

"Lessons were fabulous! I love working with partners as well."

"Aston-Patterning sessions were eye-opening. I love the way Judy works with people."

"Judy's Aston-Patterning work has changed my whole outlook on life."

"Thank you for all the help in not just understanding how to approach the piano, but how to better understand the psychology of myself. I'm sure we will once again cross paths! I had a lot of fantastic experiences here."

"I love the variety and depth of the clinics. All the immediate application was fantastic!"

"I feel like I have begun to realize that I can be a better self-teacher and progress just as much on my own as with my teachers."

"This program has brought awareness to my body in was I've never known before, and has really helped me understand focusing on learning goals instead of result goals."

"You gave us new modalities in the performance class AGAIN -- after four years!"

"Group lessons are way more fun than individual lessons! Open, shared learning seems to go deeper into the brain."

"The perseverance material in the opening talk was a great springboard for the week."

"This program met my expectations and then some. I was hoping I could integrate my piano practicive activities with bodywork, and this year I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams."


"Perseverance has taken on a whole new meaning for me in the last six days!"

"I love all the work you do here -- thank you for a really great week."

Visit this page to read more commentary of all types -- signed, unsigned, and even poetic!

Director and Piano Instructor Teresa Dybvig talks in Pennsylvania about clues to expression embedded in pulse, rhythm, and meter

Aston-Patterning Instructor Judy Huston works with a student in the performance class in Colorado

Piano Instructor Susan Nowicki works with a student in the Pennsylvania interpretation class

Susan and a student enjoying a lesson in Colorado

Awaiting a mindset discussion in Colorado

More people awaiting the discussion

Exchanging ideas in the Pennsylvania interpretation class

Alexander Technique instructor Ariel Weiss helping students move their shoulder blades in Pennsylvania (OK, this picture is from last year! Nobody took any pictures of Ariel this year!!)

Working to improve musical memory in Colorado

The happy Group E in Colorado

Our Pennsylvanian guest speaker Jan Krzywicki demonstrates the sound of the fortepiano in his presentation of the Baroque dance sources of Classical music

A lesson in Colorado

Susan Nowicki demonstrates for a student in the Pennsylvania staccato clinic

We had some nice visitors

Aston-Patterning Instructor Judy Huston getting ready for serious work with her frisbee

More serious work for Judy and her lucky clients

The piano instructors introduce the Colorado Works-in-Progress recital

Students happily anticipating the recital (yes, they all had a personal victory!)

A resting place on our walk in Colorado

Some of us celebrated with a dinner out in Pennsylvania

Trio improv at the party in Colorado

Distributing marshmallows at the party (you had to be there)

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